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My name is Carolyn Shadrach, founder of, the “Your Business, Your Terms” coaching program and co-founder of “Core Story Branding.”

I work with creative entrepreneurs who’ve achieved success in their business and want to take it to the next level. I help them create a wildly successful business on their own terms.

We’re powerful, action oriented women who want to make a big impact in the world, while at the same time seek to have more balance and fulfillment in our lives.

To the world we may appear to have it all, but sometimes on the inside we’re barely holding it together and our greatest fear – is that we will be “found out”.

The constant struggle of juggling expectations put upon us as a women, daughters, mothers, partners and business leaders can leave us exhausted and stuck playing smaller than our potential – and we’re good at it too.

Still deep down something feels ‘off’.

After talking to many bold and courageous on the outside women, they often admit to feeling like a fraud on the inside…maybe you can relate.

But here’s the thing – that gap between where you are now and where to want to be – it’s not your fault.

There are no school classes that teach us how to set goals for what we want or how to create a vision for the future that inspires those goals.

No one teaches us how to deal with procrastination or get out of the loop of making the same mistakes over and over again.

But there ARE simple tools and techniques that can dramatically change your perspective on life (and they don’t require us to spend years meditating at an ashram in India :).

These shifts will give you the ability to clearly visualize your future, the path to get there and eliminate the obstacles along the way

I believe that each of us was born with greatness within, that each of us have unique gifts to share with the world. But many of us have forgotten our truth and have been conditioned to hide this gift of greatness and play small instead.

You’ve already done a lot of the heavy lifting – my purpose is to hold the space for you to step up to that next level of excellence.

Through private coaching and group programs that focus on the inner game and a holistic approach to your business and your personal brand, I help my clients gain the clarity, confidence and courage they seek to show up as their true authentic selves in their lives and their business.

To achieve their ambitious goals while bringing more balance and ease to their personal life.

If you’re ready to:

  • Create a powerful personal brand that encompasses the wholeness of the authentic you and your story (I can’t wait to hear all about it – this is one of my favorite things to work on with clients :) so you can begin to attract more of your ideal clients through clear, focused brand messaging.
  • Gain clarity on your true mission & purpose, more easily communicate your big “why” with your audience, attract clients who believe in your mission. Create deep lasting relationships with your ideal clients.
  • Deeply recognize and appreciate your unique value and ability, differentiate yourself from the crowd, eliminate your competition and confidently charge the premium fees you deserve.
  • Design your business around the lifestyle you want to live, so you can stop working around the clock and start living on your own terms.
  • Master your inner game to tap into the confidence and courage that’s actually already within you (if you’ve forgotten don’t worry we’ll find it together) so you can stop the constant energy drain of overwhelm, stress and the nagging doubt that you’re not good enough.
  • Build success habits and strategies that set you up to win in your business and your personal life, so you can finally break free of the fear and negative patterns that are holding you back.
  • Stop the energy drain of distractions, end procrastination and get more done in less time, focusing on your priorities, with the confidence of knowing you’re following a proven system.

Then I’d like to invite you to schedule ‘Your Business, Your Terms’ breakthrough session here:

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I look forward to our time together and learning more about you.


About Carolyn

Originally from London, UK, Carolyn spent almost twenty years in New York working for various Fortune 500 retailers, including Gap, Ann Taylor and Donna Karan. As a successful Fashion Designer, Carolyn helped to pull the brand vision together with a clear cohesive message – the product, the image, the lifestyle, and the story of the brand.

Carolyn left the corporate world behind in 2013 to pursue more fulfillment and contribution in her own life. An Achieve Today Certified Coach, she is passionate about helping others achieve their greatest potential she is trained in High Performance Coaching, Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Mindfulness practices that help accelerate her clients results.

She is also an experienced digital marketer with Specialist Certifications in several areas including Customer Value Optimization, Customer Acquisition, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. In short, Carolyn helps her clients to get their message out and tell their story through digital marketing.

She is married to Mats Rudels, a talented commercial photographer and videographer (he does lots of fabulous stuff with cameras). Together they created two wonderful little girls and the Core Story Branding program, a video marketing program and service to help coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners create powerful videos using professional techniques to authentically connect with their audience.

People seek Carolyn’s help when they are unclear about what they want to do next, or are frustrated because they can’t reach the success and income levels they desire. She employs cutting edge transformational skills, along with her corporate business background and experience, to help her clients get clear on their vision, take charge of their lives and turn their goals into reality.